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21 August 2049 @05:36 GMT

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Team Formerly Known as Sharks Set for First Full Season
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24 Jun 2019

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02 Jul 2019 01:36:57 AM
SIMMIAMI, FLORIDA -- The sun is shining, the grass is green, and The Team Formerly Known as Sharks are getting prepared for the franchise's first complete season. Formed just last September, The Team Formerly Known as Sharks have assembled an exciting roster and will compete for the 2035 Park Championship.

"We have a great group of players, and great leadership," said owner Ari. "I'm excited for this iteration of Florida baseball."

The Team Formerly Known as Sharks played exhibition ball last September through the winter and is now in Spring Training for the 2035 season. The team finished 23-18 in September play, and reached the fourth round of the 2034 Winter Ball Park Playoffs exhibition tournament.

“We knew what our goal was last year,” said team manager Chip DeWitt. “That was, first and foremost, to get everyone playing time. But to look at our record, above .500 against great competition, you have to be encouraged with those results. That’s the type of season we expect going forward.”

Starting pitcher Edward Murrin may be the most exciting player in the Sharks organization, and ranks as one of the top prospects in the nation. The 19-year old finished his first season with a 0.67 ERA. “And he got even better this offseason,” DeWitt said, adding that Murrin will be the team ace this season.

“I’m just looking forward to a great season of ball, and excited to get this season going,” Murrin said. “We’ve got a great group of guys in the dugout, so we’re just focusing on one game at a time.”

This week, the Sharks organization breaks ground on Edward Poole Memorial Ballpark, which will host professional baseball in the near future. The stadium will be named after Edward Poole, former ace of the Florida Sharks organization and an iconic figure in Florida baseball. The Sharks organization is inspired by the early 20th century Florida Sharks, 1919 Independent League Champions. The Poole family was instrumental in bringing organized baseball back to Florida after the floods.

“It is both an honor and a privilege to have this stadium named after such an inspirational figure,” said general manager Jennifer Poole. “I cannot wait for the return of professional baseball to Simmiami.”

22 Jun 2019

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18 Jul 2019 09:42:11 PM
Edinboro, PA (AP) - With the second half of the season underway, I recently sat down with The Team Formerly Known as Sharks owner and team manager, Ari and Chip DeWitt, for a mid season check-in to see how the team is doing.

CodyBanks: Ari, first of all, I want to thank you for taking time out of your day to talk with me about your team. I read a pre-season article where you were happy with the group of players and leadership on the team. Has anyone stepped up in a new role this season, either as the Clubhouse Leader, or Potential All-Star you weren't expecting?

Ari: Hey, thanks for doing this. I appreciate you reaching out and talking to me. SP Edward Murrin has been incredible as the team ace, of course. But RF Alan Spillane has really impressed everyone. You look at his numbers in every category, he's been dominant. He's going to be a star for a long time.

CB: Chip DeWitt, the team that Ari has assembled for you has a few good players, but they appear to be under-performing in the W/L column. With a record currently sitting at 61-64 (.488), is there anything you can pin-point as a possible solution to turn the season around? Or have you shifted your focus to the future and developing the younger guys?

Chip DeWitt: Obviously, we're not where we want to be record-wise. We recognize we've played the best teams but we want to be one of the best, and we think we should be a top-10 team in the standings, not where we are in the 30s. We just have to keep fighting. We may not get the bye but we'll certainly be in the playoffs, and nobody's going to want to face us.

CB: Chip, with a guy like SP Edward Murrin leading the Pitching Staff, you have to be extremely excited. His 0.67 ERA last season looked very promising for this year, but the small sample size might have skewed his numbers. He does currently lead the Starting Rotation with a 3.59 ERA, but were you hoping for better numbers from him? Do you believe the inflated ERA is due to his pitching, or are the fielders letting him down behind him?

Chip: I think that's a great number. He's had a few rough outings, but you have to remember he's just a 19-year-old kid. Those kinda numbers from someone who still can't drink, I mean, he's got a bright future. He's got fantastic stuff, we saw it last season, and we really saw it in the spring. And he's an all-around great kid, a leader in the clubhouse a great guy to be around, and a real student of the game. He's going to keep improving.

CB: Thank you both again for your time today to sit down and have a mid-season check-in on the Sharks, I mean the Team Formerly Known As Sharks. Any last words you would like to say for the fans of Sharks baseball?

Ari: I promise if you keep coming out and supporting us, we've got a great fanbase, and we're going to give you a great show.

CB: I'm very happy to see the Pooles bringing Sharks baseball back to Florida. Thank you again for your time and best of the luck the remainder of the season and the post-season.

Ari: Thanks for your time, Cody.

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