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15 July 2039 @13:51 GMT

Season Milestones NOW Public Offer Deadlin: 5.4 days Player Extensions Of: 5.4 days Expired Permits out : 5.4 days Deadline to Leave Le: 1.6 weeks Schedule Postseason: 1.6 weeks Extensions Deadline: 1.6 weeks Buyout Deadline: 1.6 weeks Deadline to Create L: 1.6 weeks Message Boards -> Press Releases -> Park Championship shared for the first time.

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Park Championship shared for the first time.
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22 Jun 2019

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Niagara Falls Nightmare
303 wins, 236 losses
142,041 fans

Crystal Lake 13s
390 wins, 419 losses
76,628 fans

Haddonfield Slashers
123 wins, 126 losses
32,706 fans

London Rippers
129 wins, 199 losses
15,616 fans

Dunder Mifflin Paper Company
246 wins, 193 losses
13,948 fans

Joe Cools
220 wins, 154 losses
1,343 fans

Bancroft Bandits
17 wins, 61 losses
185 fans

29 Jun 2019 01:41:25 AM
(AP) After an abbreviated park season was left with no post season, One team stood atop the park standings for 2034. That team was the Los Puercos Gigantes.

The win marked the second park championship for owner ksigpig and first since 1920. "Winning the first championship since park play was suspended 65 years ago is truly an honor." said pig, "I would not be here celebrating this title without Erick Robertson, commissioner and owner of the Edgebrook Deloreans. He deserves recognition for his efforts to get park play resumed after The great flood of 1970."

"ksigpis truly deserves to be park champion," said Erick upon learning of his shared championship. "But I'll take the shared honor."

SimYard has no future plans on shared Park Championships as Erick has announced that the park playoffs will resume for the 2035 season.

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