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29 Off-Season 2045 @00:21 GMT

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South Sumter Raiders at London Underground
9 May 2038 @15:30
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Time Team Automanager Log
9.1 minutes South Sumter Raiders Pulling Ronald Gale because he has given up 8 runs.
9.1 minutes South Sumter Raiders It's the 4th inning but there is no rested long reliever.
9.1 minutes South Sumter Raiders Edward Gonzalez brought in as the "best" rested SP not in the starting rotation in the 4th inning. Ronald Templeton has -58/14 endurance left with 74 fatigue. Robert Rhoads has -49/20 endurance left with 71 fatigue.
16.4 minutes London Underground Pulling Walter McCrea because pitch count 91 has reached maximum 85 with endurance 10/10. Max PC 85 = 85
16.4 minutes London Underground It's the 8th inning but there is no rested ranked reliever.
16.4 minutes London Underground Benjamin Wang brought in as the "best" rested RP who is neither a Closer nor a Holder.

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