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4 April 2044 @11:41 GMT

Season Milestones NOW Stadium Editor Opens: 2.5 days Leagues Unlock for N: 2.5 days Generate Rookies: 6 days League Finances Unlo: 6.5 days Public Offers Begin: 6.5 days Player Extensions Of: 2.4 weeks Public Offer Deadlin: 2.4 weeks Expired Permits out : 2.4 weeks

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Stadium Permit Feature

Getting a New Team
When you get a stadium permit, you can create a new team. This will allow you to continue to play with one team in the park, while your stadium team plays in leagues. Your current team can stay in the park while the new team plays in the league, or your current team can play in the league while the new team plays in the park. Only unpaid players can play in the park, however. Paid players must remain on the roster of the stadium team. Aside from that, you will be able to reassign unpaid players between the two teams as you see fit.

Joining a League
Anyone with a stadium permit may join a league. By doing so, they are making a commitment to play at least one season in that league, although some leagues may have longer required commitments.

Creating a League
Anyone with a stadium permit may create a league. By doing so, that person sets the initial options and becomes commissioner of the league. This person will have final say over which teams can be in the league. The options for each league are listed on the right side of this page.

Requirements for Submitting
In order to submit your league, it must conform to the following rules.

  • A league must contain between 4 and 28 teams.
  • No division may contain more than 7 or less than 4 teams.
  • No two divisions may differ in number of teams by more than one.
  • The name of the league must be clean.
These rules, with the exception of the name requirement, will be enforced upon submission. Leagues with improper names will be renamed as they are discovered.

Deadlines and Corrections
The deadline for joining and submitting leagues is Midnight GMT of the first day of the season. Any league submitted on time which meets the requirements for submitting listed above will be accepted, and the season will be scheduled. Any leagues which have not been submitted and any stadium teams which have not joined a league will be placed into a league at the sole discression of Erick.

League Options
The league will be referred to as the _______ League, and you just fill in the blank.

Open Status
The league can be open for any team to join, or can require commissioner approval. Invite Only leagues must be created by the end of the regular season the previous season. Additionally, each league has their own forum which can be private or open to the public.

The league may have between two and four divisions, or no divisions at all. Teams will play a weighted schedule based on the number of teams. Here is the detailed scheduling information based on a 28-team league.

Commissioners are encouraged to provide their own league description as a way of selling their league to the other members. This will have a high importance in keeping team turnover low.

Playoff Options
Depending on the number of divisions selected, there will be some playoff configuration options. There can be up to three rounds of playoffs consisting of traditional playoffs and climax series. Playoff rounds can be configured as best of 3, 5, or 7 games.

Game Options
Should games use the DH?

Roster Options
All trades have to be completed by the customizable Trade Deadline. The Roster Lock date provides a date after which players can not be sent back and forth to the park. The Roster Extension date allows for rosters to be extended to 40-man rosters after a certain date to allow for younger players to get play time.

Other Options
Salary cap, minimum number of years to join, revenue share percentage.

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