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26 September 2036 @05:08 GMT

Season Milestones NOW Schedule Postseason: 18.9 hours Extensions Deadline: 18.9 hours Buyout Deadline: 18.9 hours Deadline to Leave Le: 18.9 hours Deadline to Create L: 18.9 hours Deadline for New Sta: 18.9 hours First Playoff Games : 20.9 hours Park Quarterfinals B: 32.9 hours

Welcome to SimYard

SimYard is your chance to own a baseball team. Each month brings a new season and a new chance to take the pennant. Each month brings a new opportunity for you to train your players how you want to train them. You choose your opponents. You choose your pitcher and your lineup. You play to win.

In SimYard, your players are your own, and you control their destiny. Train them how you want to mold them into a power hitter or a great fielder. Sign them, put them on the team you want, or trade them for different talent. You are in control, and your team is what you make it.


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  • Custom Stadium - build your own stadium, seating areas, and concessions
  • League Play - create or join a league and play a 162-game schedule each season
  • Multiple Teams - control up to four teams, one in the park and the rest in stadiums
  • Best Players - sign contracts with players to bring them onto your team
  • Trade Players - trade with other teams in your league according to the league rules
  • Team Finances - spend ticket revenues and concession money on players, advertising, and stadium upgrades
  • Custom Playoffs - each league has their own playoffs and champion

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Live SimYard Scoreboard

The Park

Watch Live

Panda Express
12 Bot 8th
0 on, 0 out

Pawtucket Phantoms

Watch Live

Park Mockery
2 Bot 6th
0 on, 0 out

Scottsdale Chinchillas

Watch Live

Talacrey Bulldogs
1 Bot 5th
3 on, 2 out

Scranton/WilkesBarre Blazers

Watch Live

I Like Pie
2 Top 3rd
0 on, 0 out

Smooth Criminals

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California Heat
0 Top 3rd
0 on, 0 out

Galaxy Sharks

Teams with the Most Fans

Roanoke Express
244 wins, 224 losses
26,567 fans

Pemigewasset Potheads
62 wins, 43 losses
26,373 fans

Chesterfield Catfish
74 wins, 41 losses
25,279 fans

Hillsborough Hitmen
689 wins, 223 losses
25,267 fans

Raphus Cucullatus
83 wins, 47 losses
24,530 fans

Fort Bend Fire Ants
82 wins, 35 losses
24,338 fans

Macon Babies
80 wins, 60 losses
23,764 fans

Mississauga Royals
262 wins, 274 losses
22,851 fans

Williamsport Crosscutters
64 wins, 54 losses
22,835 fans

Futaba's Necronomicon
253 wins, 253 losses
22,693 fans

Teenage Lobotomies
55 wins, 52 losses
22,203 fans

Purple Rain
57 wins, 75 losses
21,176 fans

The Rookie Planet Of Mars
62 wins, 48 losses
21,134 fans

Los Feliz Daycare
59 wins, 46 losses
20,908 fans

Baby Sharks
223 wins, 197 losses
20,824 fans

Milwaukee Brewers
287 wins, 263 losses
20,798 fans

Youngstown Young Guns
71 wins, 63 losses
20,683 fans

Cort Katanas
69 wins, 61 losses
20,620 fans

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What is SimYard?

Free Play
  • Team Creation - create your 25-man team with your own logo
  • Team Management - set your lineups and rotation, control your roster
  • Public Fields - play games against other teams
  • Player Stats - season stats are kept for all players
  • Gather Fans - the more you play, the more fans you earn
  • Park Tournament - a 53-team tournament seeded based on standings
  • Rival Teams - teams you have played most become your rivals

League Awards
23 Aug 2019 by erick
Ready to go again - enjoy!
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Transfer Queue
23 Aug 2019 by erick
View your personal transfer queue and clear any stuck transfers yourself. This was an admin tool and I made it available to everyone. It will only show transfers pending between your own teams. It won't show trades in leagues, and it won't show players who are between teams, waiting for a game to end.
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Majors and AAA Open, Offers on 21+
17 Aug 2019 by erick
Leagues are opening at the Major and AAA levels, and offers will open on all players 21-years-old or over. These players will also not be eligible in the park next year. These changes are a long time coming, and will bring fairness to the park. It has to be easier for new players to get involved - this will help.
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Stadium Bugs Fixed
30 Jul 2019 by erick
The big one, was after you saved your stadium for the first time, it thought that's what you had built last year. So any changes you made incurred demolition costs. That bug was there for all new players before the flood, so that sucked.
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Welcome Back to SimYard!
09 Jul 2019 by erick
Obviously, the website is up and running again. All the data has been cleared, and the year is 2035. Certain people and former moderators, and maybe one in particular, kept in touch with me on a frequent basis while we were gone. I'm at a point in my life now where I can get SimYard going again, so let's do this. Welcome back!
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Best Rival Teams

Maryhill Magyars

MacArthur Park
45 - 33

Blue String Puddings

Strawberry Fields
23 - 20

MacArthur Park

Malta Knights Templar
23 - 14

Hillsborough Hitmen

Overclocked Celeron Processors
27 - 9

Milford Mudhens

Maryhill Magyars
21 - 15

Cincinnati Reds

Maryhill Magyars
22 - 13

I Like Pie

Blue String Puddings
25 - 10

Maryhill Magyars

Alefgard Dragon Warriors
19 - 16

Chester Cobras

I've Made Plans To Travel To Uranus
21 - 13

Hillsborough Hitmen

Palm Springs Power
22 - 12

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Current SimYard Population
Managers: 161
Players: 22,897
Fans: 1,344,283
Total: 1,367,341

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New Park Uniforms
11 Aug 2019 by obama
All Obama-affiliated clubs have released new jerseys for the rest of the 2036 campaign.
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Melonheads Kick off Second Full Season with High Hopes, Fresh Faces
03 Aug 2019 by dtigers15
BOTHELL, WASHINGTON - Baseball is back, and the Humongous Melonheads are hungry as ever.
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Fort Pierre Rats unveil new uniforms
18 Jul 2019 by frow78
The South Dakota-based club announced new threads early Thursday morning after releasing images of it's revamped look, which can be found below.
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Lauren Hill: First Female Player in SimYard History
17 Jul 2019 by reedjohnson
GALENA, ILLINOIS -- A barrier was broken today as Oakland Athletics infielder Lauren Hill became the first female player to take an at-bat in SimYard history.
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Team Formerly Known as Sharks Set for First Full Season
02 Jul 2019 by Ari
SIMMIAMI, FLORIDA -- The sun is shining, the grass is green, and The Team Formerly Known as Sharks are getting prepared for the franchise's first complete season. Formed just last September, The Team Formerly Known as Sharks have assembled an exciting roster and will compete for the 2035 Park Championship.
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Melonheads' Top Pitching Prospect Tosses No-No in Winter Ball
30 Jun 2019 by dtigers15
BOTHELL, WASHINGTON - When Gary Collins was born in 2016 in Elk Grove, California, baseball fields around the country remained underwater, and the game itself had all but faded from the nation's memory. Today, at the tender age of 18, he's already etched his name in its history books.
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Park Championship shared for the first time.
29 Jun 2019 by MrSteak
(AP) After an abbreviated park season was left with no post season, One team stood atop the park standings for 2034. That team was the Los Puercos Gigantes.
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Professional baseball played in Kenosha for the first time in 81 years
24 Jun 2019 by reedjohnson
For the first time since 1952, fans gathered and watched a professional baseball game in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
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