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28 October 2043 @14:11 GMT

Season Milestones NOW Park Semifinals Begi: 14.2 hours ago Signing Announcement: 14.2 hours ago Park Finals Begin: 4.2 hours ago Fanbase Shrinks: 8.8 hours Winter Leagues Begin: 9.8 hours Signing Announcement: 9.8 hours Signing Announcement: 33.8 hours Signing Announcement: 2.4 days

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The Revolutionary League
4 divisions, 16 - 28 teams, DH, 40-man

Teams | Players | Scoreboard | Playoffs | Forum
Max Age

Avg. 368,589

plays at :20

No Cap
0% share
Full League
28 teams

The All-American League
2 divisions, 8 - 28 teams, DH, 40-man

Teams | Players | Scoreboard | Playoffs | Forum
Max Age

Avg. 292,992

plays at :25

No Cap
0% share

Invite Only
19 teams

The Atlantic Semi-Pro League
2 divisions, 4 - 28 teams, DH, 40-man

Teams | Players | Scoreboard | Playoffs | Forum
Max Age

Avg. 97,591

plays at :30

No Cap
0% share
Open League
14 teams

The AmeriCana League
2 divisions, 4 - 28 teams, No DH, 40-man

Teams | Players | Scoreboard | Playoffs | Forum

Avg. 118,254

plays at :30

No Cap
0% share
Open League
9 teams

The Alliance of American Baseball League
no divisions, 4 - 28 teams, DH, 40-man

Teams | Players | Scoreboard | Playoffs | Forum

Avg. 85,492

plays at :35

No Cap
0% share
Open League
11 teams

196 teams have not yet joined a league

Available Now!

Stadium Pass Benefits

  • Custom Stadium - build your own stadium by selecting seating areas and concessions
  • League Play - create or join a league and play a 162-game schedule each season
  • Multiple Teams - control two teams, one in the park, and one to play league games in your stadium
  • Best Players - sign contracts with players to bring them onto your team
  • Trade Players - trade with other teams in your league according to the league rules
  • Team Finances - spend ticket revenues and concession money on players, trainers, advertising, and stadium upgrades
  • Custom Playoffs - each league ends the season with their own customizable playoffs

The Leagues of SimYard are organized into levels: Major, AAA, AA, A and Rookie. All league teams must have stadiums, and can charge higher prices when they have larger fanbases. Larger league fanbases also create higher demand for tickets, as fans of one team will go to games for other teams in their league.

The total fanbase for each league is displayed next on the list to the left. Beneath it in black is the total for only the sixteen best teams. This fanbase is the total used to determine the extra fans that come to your games if you join this league.

Beneath that in yellow is the average fanbase for each team in the league. This number is important because the fanbase of your opponent determines how many extra fans will come to games in your stadium.
It is recommended that you consider carefully before joining a league. While all Stadium Permit holders should join a league, all leagues are not the same. Please review the Settings for each league before joining to make sure that it is right for your team.

Leagues are available to paying members who hold a Stadium Permit. Members can join an existing league or create a new one. There are lots of options when creating a league, see the Leagues Help Page for more information.

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