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1 March 2052 @08:33 GMT

Season Milestones NOW Stadium Editor Close: 8.6 hours ago Join League Deadline: 8.6 hours ago Spring Training: 8.6 hours ago Update Contracts: 8.6 hours ago Signing Announcement: 8.6 hours ago Players Age: 8.6 hours ago Training Results: 33.3 minutes ago Training Results: 11.4 hours

Just your average low level A league.
20 year old age cap for those players just fresh out of the rookie leagues.
Max playoffs for max revenue.
Join Today!!!

Current Proposals:

Name: Ontario Baseball League (A) Revenue Share: 0%
Commissioner: MrSteak Revenue Tax: 10%
VP: None Designated Hitter? Yes, Designated Hitter
CFO: None Salary Cap: No Salary Cap
CTO: None Maximum Age: 20 Years Old
Num. Teams: 4 - 28 Min. Join: No Minimum
Divisions: City, Suburbs, Wilderness Wild Card? Yes, 5 teams
  1. Best of 5 Wildcard Series
  2. Best of 7 Division Series
  3. Best of 7 Championship Series
Bonuses: No Bonuses
Fine Amount: $50,000
Invite Only? No, All Teams May Join Trade Deadline: 22 August
Private Forum? No, Anyone May View and Post Roster Lock: 26 September
Founding Date: 10 May 2046 @03:38 Roster Expand: Always 40-man

You can join a league if you have a Stadium Permit.

The Ontario Baseball League
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City Division

Highgarden Flowers
No Record

New York Skyline (Age 22)
No Record

Lemurian Star Seeds (Age 21)
No Record

Ian Anderson (Age 21)
No Record

Conshohocken Pink Sox
No Record
Suburbs Division

Warwick Reds
No Record

Rittman Seeing Eye Singles (Age 21)
No Record

Port Charlotte Stone Crabs (15)
No Record

Simyard Snakes (Age 21)
No Record

Dayton Dragons (Age 24)
No Record

Lansing Lugnuts (22)
No Record
Wilderness Division

Brantford Lumberjax (Age 23)
No Record

Polish Hooligans (Age 21)
No Record

Wandering Hubbles
No Record

Simyard Simdrama! (Age 33)
No Record

Luca Brasi (Age 33)
No Record

New York State of Mind (Age 22)
No Record

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