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4 April 2044 @11:45 GMT

Season Milestones NOW Stadium Editor Opens: 2.5 days Leagues Unlock for N: 2.5 days Generate Rookies: 6 days League Finances Unlo: 6.5 days Public Offers Begin: 6.5 days Player Extensions Of: 2.4 weeks Public Offer Deadlin: 2.4 weeks Expired Permits out : 2.4 weeks

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There are no players available for extension.
S = Starter L = Long Reliever H = Holder C = Closer $5,000 = Public Offer $5,000 = Your Private Offer EXT = Extension OK 1 yr = Extension Not Available BO = Bought Out

Extensions Status
Players who are available for extensions are listed here. Thes players are in the last year of their contract and must meet minimum training requirements in the first part of the year in order to qualify.

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