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28 October 2043 @15:03 GMT

Season Milestones NOW Park Semifinals Begi: 15.1 hours ago Signing Announcement: 15.1 hours ago Park Finals Begin: 5.1 hours ago Fanbase Shrinks: 7.9 hours Winter Leagues Begin: 8.9 hours Signing Announcement: 8.9 hours Signing Announcement: 32.9 hours Signing Announcement: 2.4 days

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There are no players in the reserve.

The Reserve
Players who have signed contracts may be placed in the reserve. While they are here, they do not count against your salary cap for your league. Players may stay in the reserve for as long as they like through the end of the season.

When a player is placed in the reserve, he must remain there for at least 12 hours before being removed. When a player is removed from the reserve, he may not be placed back inside for at least 12 hours.

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